How Prodigy Lending Resolves The Challenges of Engaging Mortgage Brokers In Springtown, Texas


Who we are

Prodigy Lending has been offering award-winning mortgage solutions to clients for over 17 years. It has the most experienced mortgage professional who is not only ready but determined to serve each client to their satisfaction with various home loan products clients are assured of the best option that comes with competitive rates. We serve most clients referred to us by mortgage brokers in Springtown since we are trusted across the home loan industry. Even online mortgage brokers in Springtown trust us since we are the best private home loan company in the US. Starting with the purchase loans, refinance mortgages and those of consolidating debt, you are sure to get the right package for you and your family. 

It is our goal to bond with each of our customers as we continually serve them with the best mortgage solutions now and the coming years.  Speak to us and have a one-on-one conversation with one of our experienced mortgage professional to ensure you make the right choice. Be sure to get a quotation for free and start your pre-approval process now. However, first that check some of our mortgage solutions below:

VA mortgages

VA loan brokers in Springtown refer to us many customers on this mortgage. This is because those who meet eligibility criteria get to benefit from 100% financing without the need for mortgage insurance. It is also easy to qualify for VA home loan since we do not approve the mortgage based on FICO ratings. The borrower gets to enjoy outstanding rates with low closing cost.

Conventional mortgages

The home buyers who choose conventionally will only make 3% down payment and obtain reduced PMI. There is no lender fee required, and the client can choose flexible loan terms according to their financial capability. The loan terms whether 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 years come with lower interest charges. 

USDA mortgages

USDA mortgages give 100% financing with low PMI. This means the borrower will not have to make an upfront payment as long as they meet income and home location requirement. The interest rates on USDA loans are also competitive.

FHA mortgages

It is very easy to get approved for these loans since home buyers with loan FICO ratings are considered. The down payments are also low, and the buyer is only required to raise 3.5% of the home value. FHA accepts an application from those with high debt to income ratio, and they equally get lower interest rates. The rehab mortgages can also be accessed by those wishing to renovate their residential properties.

We are the top workplace in the United States. We have received such recognition because of our commitment to ensuring excellence in the workplace. It is our honor, and we welcome all the Springtown mortgage brokers to also work with us.


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