The Unique Loans and Services Offered by Prodigy Lending In Southlake, Texas


About us

We have a mortgage professional team with us all over the United States. As Prodigy Lending Team, we are dedicated to offering standard services to all our customers in need of mortgage loans. Our mortgage rates are low, and we also have various loan programs that will suit your needs within your location. Here can time take you through the available mortgage loan in-person to ensure the decision that one makes tally with your financials status and your needs. If you are a first-time owner, combining your loan, mortgage refinancing, buying your fantasy home, our specialized team of mortgage representative will help you get a suitable loan plan with the best rates available.


Conventional home loans

Under prodigy lending, our conventional loans have a down payment of three percent and below depending on your credit scores. As compared to our FHA loans, conventional loans have lower PMI and mortgage broker in Southlake can advise you on this. Our payment duration ranges from thirty to ten years, depending on your needs. We do not have lenders fees, and our interest rates will be lower as per your credit scores.

FHA loans

Get the best FHA home loans with Prodigy Lending Team, as one can qualify easily. We have rehab loans with even outstanding interest rates. Our down payment is three point five percent, and you enjoy this with debt to income ratio is high. Discuss with Southlake mortgage brokers and check whether FHA loans fit your needs. 

VA loans

To our veteran clients, we have the best home loans for you. The financing is at a hundred percent with low closing cost. VA home loans do not have mortgage insurance, and one can easily qualify for one. The government loan rates are better than before.

USDA Loans

The financing is at a hundred percent with lower rates. These loans do not require down payment, and you can get lower mortgage insurance. Just ensure that the home location and income are okay. Make your application today with us, and you can get assistance from best mortgage brokers in Southlake.

Our greatest wish is to ensure that we have a good relationship with our entire clients as we look forward to offering quality services as the years go by. We have been able to remain trustworthy to our clients since their details are always treated with confidentiality it requires. Our qualified staff is ready to serve you give us a call, and all your issues will be sorted out immediately.

For your information, the prodigy has been voted as the top workplace in the United States for eight years now. Also, we are pleased to let you know that we have been providing winning award services for the last seventeen years now. Make your application today with us and get appealing rates.

We have made our name as the best private mortgage lenders in the United States. We promise that our highly professional team will get you the best loan program that will be flexible in regards to your financial needs. The rates we usually offer goes hand in hand with the market rate during that time.

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