Benefits of Prodigy Lending Over Other Mortgage Lenders In Roanoke, Texas


About us

Together with our mortgage brokers or online mortgage brokers in Roanoke, Prodigy Lending Team is here to provide you with excellent services all over the United States. Our professional group in prodigy will ensure that the mortgage one gets flexible in regards to your financial stability and wishes. Here you get different types of loan programs with low-interest rates depending on your credit ratings. Highly trained staff will take you through our mortgage plans step by step to get you your dream house that suits your needs. It does not matter if you are applying the loan for the first time, toping up your previous loan, compiling your debt or getting that cozy house you wish for. It is our work to ensure you get the mortgage home loan that matches your expectation.

As mentioned earlier, we have different types of loan that will surely fit your budget. The first one in our list is the conventional home loans. Any citizen is entitled to these loans as it is based on your scores, especially if you want the low-interest rates. Remember it does not have the lenders fees that other loan needs and the fact that our down payment is three percent down can motivate you. PMI is low as compared to FHA loans we do offer plus the terms are very friendly as it ranges from thirty down to ten years.

The second in the list Is FHA home loans where we offer a down payment for three-point five percent or less. These loans are easily accessible to the citizen as our rest is pleasing and the fact that we also offer the rehab loans. Just ensure your debt to income ratio is high. Find a mortgage broker in Roanoke to take you through our FHA loans programs.

Thirdly we offer VA home loans with a hundred percent without mortgage insurance. One can quickly get these loans as we even offer low closing cost. We do have reasonable rates for government loans. Talk to our VA home loans brokers in Roanoke and all over the United States to get more information on the same. 

The last but not least is the USDA home loans that also have a  lower interest rate for a hundred percent financing and lower mortgage insurance. Our qualification for this kind of loans is the income and home location. This loans also do not require you to have down payment.

Prodigy lending team is determined to upgrade all the relationship we share with our clients as we strive ahead to exceeds customer’s expectation when it comes to the services we offer. Compared to other companies out there, the client’s information is treated with intimacy it deserves. Client’s belief in our service we offer and the lending fraternity also have faith with us. We are here to serve you at any time call our qualified staff to take you through all the process needed.

Award-winning service that has been there for over seventeen years was established by Prodigy Lending Team. We are proud to announce that prodigy have been voted as the top workplace for the last eight years. Prodigy is among the top private mortgage lenders here in the United States. Our rates are very intimidating as we go as per the available market rate within that duration. Visit today to our home loan center in the United States to apply for our loans or get sorted by the Roanoke online mortgage brokers that we work with them. Prodigy lending team joy is to see you get that dream house you have always been wishing for with the flexible rates to suit your needs.

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