Government-Backed Loans Offered By Prodigy Lending In Mansfield, Texas


About us 

We are home loan professionals operating in all areas of the United States of America. We offer a variety of loan products with the lowest rates that enable our clients to meets their specific objectives of buying first or dream homes, renewing their existing loans, or even combining their other debts. Our loan experts have several years of experience, and together with mortgage brokers in Mansfield and other areas, they assist you to come up with the right loan that suits your needs. The following are our loan programs, among others: 

Conventional home loans 

These mortgages do not have government insurance, but the private lenders offer them. The loans are suitable for buyers with a high credit score and can be used for various purposes. They have the following features: 

  • A small deposit of 3%
  • Their PMI is lower than that of FHA and USDA home loans
  • The buyer can choose the period to repay the loan from 10years to 30 years
  • A buyer whose credit score is good can enjoy low-interest rates on their loan
  • The loans do not have a lender fee

FHA home loans 

These loans are government-insured through the Federal Housing Agency, and they also have beautiful features that include:

  • Small upfront payment of 3.5%
  • The qualification needs are easy for FHA loans
  • The loan’s interest rates are attractive
  • Rehab loans for home repairs are available
  • The loans have high DTI for one to qualify

VA home loans

These loans are tailor-made for veterans and other service members who wish to become homeowners. The government protects the mortgages through the Veterans Affairs department, and the loans have the following features:

  • One hundred percent funding for veterans
  • The loans have zero mortgage insurance
  • The loans closing costs are low
  • It is easy to qualify for a VA loan
  • One enjoys the best rates for government loans.
  • A home buyer can apply for the loan with the assistance of VA loan broker in Mansfield

USDA home loans

These loans also have a government guarantee through the department of Agriculture, and they have various features that include:

  • One hundred percent funding
  • The loans interest rate is low with no upfront payment
  • The interest rate for the entire loan is minimal
  • Their mortgage insurance cost is minimal
  • The home must be in an eligible rural area, and the buyer’s income must be adequate for the loan.

Our objective

We have a primary aim of maintaining a strong bond with our clients, thus providing quality loan services for many more years. We ensure the safety and confidentiality of our client’s information, making people trust us in the mortgage industry. We also give our customers the freedom to call us any time and speak to our loan experts.

For more than seventeen years, we have offered excellent loan services and have been winning the Top Work Places award for the last eight years. We appeal to our clients to use our products now and enjoy the best rates before the fluctuation in the market conditions. One can also use Mansfield mortgage brokers to get our products.

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