The Benefits of the VA Mortgage Brokers Hired by Prodigy Lending In Kennedale, Texas


Arguably the best mortgage loan available for potential homeowners who are eligible, all across the United States, VA loans have significantly helped the mortgage industry in Fort Worth grow over the past couple of years. The VA loan programs are usually offered to veterans, military servicemen, and reservists and or select surviving spouses.  They are meant to provide them with a permanent home as they try to settle back into society after war or service. In Fort Worth, VA loans are the best mortgage loan alternative for various reasons. First of all, they offer up to 103.3% mortgage financing in that they cover the cost of the house fully and in some cases carter for closing costs as well. They also do not require borrowers to pay private mortgage insurance thus saving them a lot on expenses. 

Although administered by the government, VA loans are actually offered by Private mortgage lenders. One such private mortgage lender in Fort Worth is the Prodigy Lending Team. They offer high-quality mortgage lending services with the help of their mortgage professionals. Prodigy Lending has a variety of VA mortgage brokers who help them source for potential home buyers. The VA mortgage brokers assist their clients in the following ways:

  • They help them prequalify – There is very high competition for VA mortgage loans in Fort Worth, especially since VA loans are the most prestigious mortgage loan alternative. The mortgage brokers hired by Prodigy Lending check whether the client meets all the requirements put in place for the qualification of VA loans. If they are met then the broker gets the client prequalified which gives them an advantage over their fellow potential mortgage buyers with whom they are competing.
  • They give them professional financial advice regarding their mortgage application – For the applicants who do not immediately qualify for a VA loan, the mortgage brokers advise them on what to in order to meet the requirements. This advice can usually range from how to get their credit scores in shape or how to reduce their debt-to-income ratio. For those who do qualify, they are advised on which type of mortgage loan best suits their various financial situations, all for free.
  • They understand the clients’ needs better Prodigy Lending’s mortgage brokers usually work with clients step by step throughout the process of delivering to them their dream home. This means that with all the experience they have, they are able to speak in the clients’ language and understand their needs and pleas way better. Prodigy Lending can then go ahead and deliver a mortgage deal that is tailor-made perfectly for their needs.

Those are some of the benefits of the VA mortgage brokers hired by Prodigy Lending. Aside from VA home loans, Prodigy lending also offers conventional loans, FHA loans, and USDA loans, all of which are offered at very low-interest rates, Prodigy Lending also hires mortgage brokers to help their clients applying for each of these loans.

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