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A VA loan may also be referred to as a Veteran Affairs loan which is a loan that is insured against default by the United States Department of Veteran Affairs. These loans apply not only to veterans but also to active members of the military as well as approved spouses. Furthermore, they are 100 percent financed and do not require a down payment to secure the loan. Prodigy Lending is an organization that facilitates the mortgage process on behalf of the borrower who has engaged their services. In this particular case, our team facilitates the application for a VA loan to an approved VA mortgage lender.

These loans are easy to qualify for since the target borrowers re very specific and the VA loan requirements are easy to fulfill. The unique thing about this type of loans is that the applicant is required to have a certificate showing eligibility for this type of loan. The certificate may be applied for online or applied for physically at a VA approved mortgage lender.

At Prodigy Lending we help veterans, approved spouses and active members of the military to apply for the VA loans and the certificates for eligibility. In addition to this, we clearly explain to the prospective borrowers the requirements for VA loans as well as the benefits that come with that mortgage program.

In Fort Worth, some of the benefits of a VA loan include:

100 percent financing – This means that the mortgage or home loan is fully funded

No mortgage insurance is required – Unlike in the application of FHA (Federal Housing Administration) loans, the VA loans require no mortgage insurance to qualify for the home loan. 

Lower closing costs

The closing costs for VA loans are considerably lower as compared to other mortgage programs.


The VA loan has the best rates as compared to any other loans insured by the U.S. government.

Prodigy Lending in Fort Worth ensures that the borrowers for this particular type of loan obtain the certificate of eligibility from the Department of Veteran Affairs so as, to begin with, the prequalification process of the home loan. Our Prodigy Lending team in Fort Worth is available on call during business hours in case of any questions regarding the VA loans.

In conclusion, Veteran Affairs’ (VA) loans are very advantageous to the members eligible for it and it is a great mortgage program to repay the men and women who dedicated their lives to serving this country with such great honor.

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