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Fort Worth, the fifth-largest city in Texas State, is estimated to have a population of almost nine hundred thousand people. With a rich history since its establishment in 1849 as an outpost for the army, its real estate market is picking up quite well. You may wish to own a property in this beautiful city, however, you may require financial help to purchase or refinance your property.

Prodigy Lending has been a mortgage broker for over seventeen years and we have received recognition as one of the Top Best Work Places in the United States of America. This can be attributed to the fact that we value quality hence they ensure that our team is the best and has the best work environment. This allows our mortgage team to deliver quality services to our clients. Therefore, who else is better placed to secure your dream house or the property you desire other than us?

As a mortgage broker, we aim to bridge the gap between the borrower and the lender by providing information on the various mortgage programs in the Fort Worth real estate market. Our team is here to ease your process of searching for a mortgage, applying for it and following up on your home loan application. We offer a variety of services such as assessing your financial situation, suggesting suitable mortgage products to you as well as searching for mortgage deals suitable for you. 

Assessing your financial situation

This refers to the analysis of your credit, income, bills, and other expenses to determine debt to income ratio by the mortgage broker to see how much mortgage the borrower can afford. This information helps us at Prodigy Lending, to guide you on a particular mortgage product. For example, if you would like to take up a home loan on a duplex, we use your financial information to see whether you can afford that particular property and using which loan program.

Suggest the appropriate loan program to suit your needs

At Prodigy Lending, we suggest to you, the most suitable mortgage or home loan program that fulfills your property needs. After assessing your financial situation, we give you a brief on the different home loan programs available and discuss them with you to give you a full picture of the available options. This is aimed at giving you peace of mind when you settle for a particular loan program and to ensure that you are not financially strained.

Searching for mortgage deals

At Prodigy Lending, we offer you the best rates in the market. Since market conditions change on a day to day basis or even more often, you can simply obtain a quick quote on our website. 

In conclusion, when looking at properties in Fort Worth, Prodigy Lending is your best bet.

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