The Loans and Services Offered By Prodigy Lending Team In Crowley, Texas


Fort Worth is one of the largest metropolitan areas in Texas.  Other than the Dallas-Texas Metroplex, Fort Worth hosts several other housing schemes, homes, and estates. With a population of 778,573 people all struggling to actualize the most fundamental part of their American Dream which is homeownership, there is usually very high competition when it comes to housing and mortgages. There are many mortgage lending institutions that operate within Fort Worth, but the Prodigy Lending Team stands out because it consists of highly experienced mortgage professionals who are usually very committed to providing the highest quality service for all their clients’ mortgage needs. This team understands that all their clients are at different stages of their lives, therefore they offer highly customized mortgage deals to suit the specific needs of each one. They achieve this by offering a variety of loans, at various interest rates and to be paid in various term periods so that each client picks the one they are most comfortable with. 

The loan programs offered by the prodigy lending team include:

  1. Conventional Home Loans – These are offered with;
  • Very low down payment requirements of only 3%, 
  • Reduced PMI payments compared to other mortgage lenders
  • Relatively low-interest rates with approved scores, 
  • No lender fees 
  • Flexible terms of payment i.e. 30, 20, 15, or 10 years.

     2. FHA Home Loans – Prodigy Lending offers their FHA loans with the following benefits;

  • Low down payment requirement of only 3.5% 
  • Very low-interest rates 
  • Easy qualification requirements 
  • They allow high debt-to-income ratio borrowers to qualify
  •  Home rehab loans are offered as well

3. VA Home Loans – Arguably the best mortgage loan available, Prodigy Lending offers their VA loans with the following benefits:

  • 100% financing, i.e. no down payment 
  • No private mortgage insurance required
  • Very low closing costs, 
  • Lowest interest rates compared to other government loans
  • Ease of qualification  

4. USDA Home Loans – Like the VA loans, USDA loans are also another good alternative for those who qualify i.e. those looking to farm or ranch in their properties once acquired. Prodigy Lending offers USDA loans with the following benefits:

  •  100% financing i.e. no down payment
  • Very low rates for a 100% loan
  • Low mortgage insurance costs

Other than the mortgage loans, Prodigy Lending also offers a variety of services to their clients. They have hired a number of professional mortgage brokers to help them handle their customer relations. The mortgage brokers are tasked with the responsibility of sourcing for new clients, getting them prequalified before presenting them to the mortgage dealers at Prodigy Lending. They offer professional advice to the clients on all the requirements of their mortgage loan which include their credit, debt-to-income ratio and then advise them on which loan alternative is best for them. They also help them with their application and underwriting process all at the expense of the mortgage lender, who in this case is The Prodigy Lending team. Those are the loans and services offered by Prodigy Lending Team in Fort Worth.

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