The Loans and Services Offered By Prodigy Lending Team In Crowley, Texas


About us

Prodigy Lending is a hub of home loan experts with branches in all parts of US. It exists to offer tailor-made mortgage solutions to every client seeking a home loan to refinance, consolidate debt, or buy a residential property. We have a variety of mortgage choices that come with lower interest rates. Every client receives assistance from a mortgage professional that helps them to select the right home loan that meets their needs and expectations. Whether you are the first time or repeat home buyer, Prodigy Lending will get you the best low-cost home loan.


Conventional loans

The conventional loans have significantly reduced down payment of only 3%. They come with no lender fee, and the home buyer gets to choose a flexible loan term with a maximum being 30 years. The other loan terms can be 10, 15, 20, or 25 years. Since clients who choose conventional loans are those with high credit score, they only have to obtain lower PMI. The mortgage brokers in Cresson always recommend this loan to those with exceptional FICO scores since they get a chance to bargain for lower interest charges.

FHA loan

The clients are required to make 3.5% down payment since the loan is guaranteed by the government. The down payment is low, given the fact that those who get approved for FHA loans have poor credit scores. The interest rates are standard for every client and are competitive. The rehab loans can be accessed by those homebuyers wishing to improve their homes. FHA also accepts borrowers with the high debt-to-income ratio, which makes it easy for many to qualify.

VA loans

The VA loans make it easy for those who meet eligibility criteria to qualify for the loan. This is because it gives 100% financing with a small closing cost. It has the best interest rates without the need for mortgage insurance. This product is typically used by online mortgage brokers in Cresson to market their services. 

USDA loans

The USDA loans have low rates and give 100% financing to those who qualify. The home buyer is required to have a certain level of income and be ready to buy a residential property in a rural location. The borrowers do not have to save for the down payment, and the mortgage insurance required is significantly low.

We have been giving award-winning services to those seeking home loan solutions for over seventeen years. During the last eight years, we were also awarded as the Top Workplace in the US. This is because of our excellence in both service delivery and workplace.  

Prodigy’s goal is to offer mortgage solutions that meet and surpass client’s expectations today and in the future. The borrower’s information is kept private and secure, and this is what has made us different from the more prominent companies in the US. Most of those seeking mortgage solutions trust us for the services we offer. 

Use Cresson mortgage brokers or make a call directly to the team of a mortgage professional and they will attend to you. The online platform also has friendly tools that our clients can use to get more information. 

Prodigy is recognized as the best private mortgage lenders in America, and this goes to show that our services are unmatched. We give the most current rate in the market since they change based on the economic situation in the country. Start the pre-approval process with us and get the lowest rates in the market today. 

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