Benefits of Prodigy Lending Over Other Mortgage Lenders In Colleyville, Texas


Texas is known for hosting lots of high profile, safe and beautiful cities for people to live in. One of these brilliant cities in the city of Colleyville which lies right next to Dallas. In fact, Colleyville hosts part of the US’ largest metropolitan settlement areas that is, the Dallas-Colleyville metroplex. Being the less populated, simple, peaceful city it is, Colleyville is the ideal city to own a home in. There are several firms and banking institutions that offer a variety of home building and home financing alternatives in Colleyville. One such firm is the Prodigy Lending team which offers its clients the highest quality of mortgage services. Aided by its team of qualified and experienced mortgage professionals, they are able to offer the best quality loans and services at very low rates. Among the professionals hired by prodigy lending include mortgage brokers. There are usually various types of mortgage brokers hired at a particular time in order to serve the different needs of different clients. They include: 

  • Bad credit mortgage brokers – to help clients who have a poor credit history, low credit scores, histories of late bills, payments and overages as well as those who’ve suffered bankruptcy before. 
  • Online mortgage brokers – to help clients who don’t have the time to spare to visit the prodigy lending team offices. They are the most convenient type of mortgage brokers
  • Normal mortgage brokers – to help clients who physically visit their offices get sufficient advice and financial guidance where their mortgage loans are concerned.

All these mortgage brokers assist them to source for clients, understand their needs better, and represent their interests to the Prodigy Lending Team of experts.

The variety of loan programs offered by the prodigy lending team includes:

  1. Conventional Loans – These are offered with a very low down payment requirement of 3%, reduced PMI compared to FHA loans, low-interest rates with approved scores, no lender fees and very flexible terms of 30, 20, 15, or 10 years.
  2. FHA Home Loans – They are offered on a 3.5% down payment requirement, affordable interest rates, easy qualification requirements and allow high debt-to-income ratio borrowers to qualify. They also offer rehab loans. 
  3. VA Home Loans – These are offered exclusively to eligible veterans only. They offer 100% financing, i.e. no down payment, no mortgage insurance requirement, low closing costs, best mortgage rates, and very easy qualification requirements. 
  4. USDA Home Loans – Offered to by the US Department of Agriculture exclusively to home buyers in rural parts of Colleyville who are looking to practice farming or ranching once they settle into their new homes. They offer 100% financing, low rates, and low mortgage insurance requirements.

The Prodigy Lending Team also offers refinancing loans and debt consolidation mortgages as well. They keep their client information private and secure so as to create trust with the customers and forge long-lasting relationships with them. In terms of experience, they have been offering their award-winning services to citizens of Colleyville for more than seventeen years and would be a partner you can trust in your homeownership journey

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