Mortgage Broker in Connection with Prodigy Lending


The Prodigy Lending team consists of mortgage professionals all over the United States. We have experienced professional experts who are ready to offer quality services to our clients. Well moderated Fort Worth mortgage brokers that are easily accessible by clients during inquiries. Prodigy offers various home loans that are tailored to meet individual needs, whether in refinancing, consolidating debts, or buying their first loans. As the best private mortgage company, we pride ourselves as being the top workplace for the last eight years. The 17 years’ experience has earned us trust in the mortgage industry.

Our objective

Prodigy paramount goal is to build a long-term connection with our customers as we continually deliver top-notch services in the mortgage industry by the aid of VA mortgage broker to avoid bad credit mortgage brokers in US.

Prodigy Mortgage products

Prodigy lending has different products that allow customers to consolidate debts, refinance existing mortgages, and buy new homes. The client can choose one of our products, depending on their needs and requirements. The first time home buyers in US need to consider our products as we have the most competitive loans in the market. The following are the type of mortgages that we offer:

VA home loans

The VA loans provide 100% financing for those customers who qualify. The veterans, military personnel, and their spouses qualify for this type of mortgage. Our VA loans have attractive interest with no down payment. The closing cost is also low, and we do not need mortgages insurance for this type of mortgage. It is government approved, and the target group can easily qualify for the loan through the aid of our professional Fort Worth mortgage brokers.

FHA home loans

Those who may not qualify for VA loans because of their profession can consider FHA mortgages. The FHA is an excellent option for first time home buyers in US because of the flexible requirements. This is coupled with a high debt-to-income ratio. Many can easily qualify, and they will get competitive interest rates. Rehab loans are also available for those who will wish to renovate their properties.

USDA home loans

The USDA loans also give 100% financing, which means that there is no down payment required. There is an income requirement, and one should be willing to purchase property in an approved location. The other advantage is low mortgage insurance and attractive interest rates.

Conventional home loans

The conventional requires the borrower to have a good credit score. With the excellent score, you get the best interest rate in the market. We have also lowered the down payment to 3%, which is quite affordable to many. The first time home buyer in US through the aid of Fort Worth mortgage online brokers can choose these products, especially those with good financial history. The loan terms are flexible, and the lender can choose 10-30 years depending on how much installment they are comfortable making. We do not require a lending fee, and the mortgage insurance is low compared to those of FHA.