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The city of Fort Worth is currently the 5th largest city in Texas, it also boasts of housing one of the biggest metropolitan settlement schemes in the US, the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. Fort Worth is the quiet, serene, Arlington it is no doubt attracts numerous potential home buyers by the day. As a result, the city has also attracted numerous entrepreneurs to invest in its mortgage industry. There are several banks and independent firms all around Fort Worth that offer a wide variety of mortgage services ranging from government-backed loans to private conventional loans among other services. One such firm is The Prodigy Lending Team. With its team of accredited and experienced mortgage professionals all over the United States, their sole commitment is to provide their clients with the highest quality of services to fulfill all their mortgage needs. They combine a wide variety of loan programs available to the citizens of Fort Worth with the lowest interest rates in order to deliver the best quality of service at lowest cost. Their team of mortgage professionals with years of experience working one on one with their clients in order to ensure that you get a mortgage deal that is tailor-made for your specific needs, situation and or expectations.

Whether a person is looking to purchase their dream home, their first home, a refinance of their existing loan or debt consolidation, The Prodigy Lending will always have something for them. Prodigy lending hires a team of trusted, professional mortgage brokers to scout for potential mortgage buyers for them. They then work hand in hand with these mortgage brokers to ensure that their clients are given the best terms of service, best deal at the best cost and within the best time.

After the deal has been made and all the transactions are done, Prodigy Lending then covers all the costs of the mortgage broker, meaning that it does not cost the client a dime to work with the mortgage broker. One of the main reasons why they use mortgage brokers is that more often than not, they have the clients’ interests at heart, understand their needs a little better, offer than financial advice in terms of debt, credit and down payment and even legal matters. The mortgage broker takes care of all the nitty-gritty pertaining to the client that the mortgage dealer, Prodigy Lending, in this case, might have overlooked. 

Among the mortgage loans offered by The Prodigy Lending Team include Conventional home loans, FHA home loans, VA home loans, and USDA loans. VA and USDA loans are both offered with no down payment i.e. 100% financing and no mortgage insurance costs. Also, they are very easy to qualify for because the requirements are not strict at all. They offer FHA loans at a low down payment of about 3.5%, attractive interest rates and they are offered even to people with high debt-to-income ratios. They are also very easy to qualify for. Lastly, their conventional loans are offered at a low down payment of only 3%, reduced PMI payment compared to other firms, low-interest rates and very flexible terms of payment ranging from 30, 20, 15 to 10 years. 

These are among the reasons why The Prodigy Lending Team is your best mortgage partner in Fort Worth.

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