Investors still see relative value in subprime mortgage bonds

Investors still see relative value in subprime mortgage bonds

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Selling Double B bonds was a bold trade not so long ago but as demand has grown for riskier assets, auto sellers are now able to sell further down the capital structure. "It would appear that investors have grown comfortable with this collateral," S&P auto ABS analyst Amy Martin told IFR.

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A Discussion with Jeff Kong: His Top-Ranked Fund Strategy and Why Carry is King Best Habits of Highly Successful Investors – In 2008, we sat on the precipice of a depression and many investors quickly liquidated their stocks and bonds, believing the economy would. that the valuation disparity reflects more of a relative.

Anna Raytcheva’s mortgage-bond. and relative-value strategies. Xin declined to comment. Senior executives at two global banks, who asked not to be identified because they weren’t authorized to.

Share subprime mortgage bonds are making a. the value of American subprime mortgages was estimated at $1.3 trillion in march 2007.. investors hungry for bonds with higher yields have.

 · I still believe in the long-term growth of mortgage-backed securities and I still want to heavily leverage my hedge fund portfolio. I hedge this risk by investing in distressed securities in case the MBS are completely worthless. How can I still buy MBS (plus they’re dirt cheap).

 · Despite significant tightening over last few weeks, many banks still see relative value in subordinate and mezzanine home equity ABS. According to Morgan Stanley, secondary market triple-B home equity bonds tightened as much as 70 basis points during the first week of November.

relative value strategy may include sovereign bonds, interest rate swaps, futures, mortgage- and asset-backed securities, municipal bonds and corporate debt. The pairs or groups of securities traded will share a common interest rate or credit spread component, such as bonds vs. bonds, futures and/or swaps; mortgage pass-throughs vs.

After the financial crash of 10 years ago, subprime mortgage bond issuance has been rare. It was those risky securities that effectively brought the US economy and world economy to its knees. But recent information from the financial industry suggests investors are buying subprime mortgage bonds again.

Can Subprime Autos Be Compared to the Housing Bubble During the Financial Crisis?. who packaged subprime mortgages into collateralized debt obligations and also sold credit protection via the derivatives market on these bonds, exacerbated the negative market impact when the prices of these.

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